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About SuperAstute

  • What makes SuperAstute different?

    SuperAstute is an advanced and intuitive Self Managed Super Fund service. With SuperAstute, you’ll have online access to linked facilities that provide you with intelligent and intuitive information. That means an ‘up-to-date’ overview of your super fund position to help you make decisions about your financial future.

    If you’ve ever experienced the frustration of the ‘information lag’ - the time between when you need to know your exact financial position and when you actually know it you’ll appreciate just how efficient SuperAstute can be.

    What makes SuperAstute different

  • The SuperAstute Dashboard

    Your secure SuperAstute Dashboard brings together information you need to know to help you manage your SMSF. Using SuperAstute, your transactions are interconnected, streamlined and talk to each other.

    The dashboard gives you control over your investments, contributions, pensions and your tasks and ensures you have the information necessary to efficiently look after your fund.

    The SuperAstute Dashboard

  • Fund Overview

    You know what your super fund position is whenever you want.

    Fund Overview

  • Outstanding Tasks

    SuperAstute can let you know what you need to do, and when you need to do it. At your instruction, we’ll keep you informed by sending you an SMS, an email or a letter (whatever format you choose) so you’ll know if there’s something you need to attend to.

    Outstanding Tasks

  • Investment Strategy

    You set your investment strategy and we’ll monitor the fund's performance against it. If your investments move outside your strategy, we’ll send you an alert (if you have requested) in the way you’ve nominated and to the person you’ve selected. You can change your investments to suit the strategy, or change the strategy itself, all through our online tools.

    We also create the minutes reflecting the changes and email them to you. Signing them is simple, no paperwork required - just a password.

    You can even see the investments in each sector by moving your mouse over any of your strategy items.

    Investment Strategy

  • Contributions

    You’ll receive an alert when you’re approaching your contribution limits, so you don’t pay any unnecessary tax.

    SuperAstute is not aware of any contributions you make into any other funds, but you can monitor contributions made through SuperAstute. And SuperAstute lets you set the percentage of your contribution cap at the level you wish to be alerted. For example, you may set your alert at 35% to take into account contributions made to another fund. Thus you can use the tool intuitively to manage your total contribution cap position.


  • Pension Payments

    You’ll know exactly where you’re up to with your minimum pension requirements and if you have a maximum, you’ll receive an alert when you are within 15% of your maximum pension payment.

    This means you have the information necessary to ensure your fund continues to comply with pension requirements to receive the Nil tax benefit.

    Pension Payments

  • Pension Card

    When you start a pension from your fund you will be issued with an Adelaide Bank Cash Management Account ATM Card so you can withdraw your pension money (age permitting).

    Pension Card

  • Intuitive Advice

    SuperAstute is here to help. Using the intuitive information on the system you’ll have a clearer understanding of your fund position to help you make informed decisions about your future.

    Intuitive Advice

  • Online Broking Service

    There’s a linked online broking service available for you to use.

    The linked online broking service provides you with research, stock analysis and portfolio tools as well as access to derivatives, warrants and exchange traded funds (ETFs), all as part of the standard service.

    There’s no obligation to use the linked online broking service, it’s there as an option to simplify and streamline administration making it easier for you.

    Online Broking Service

  • Term Deposits

    You can move in and out of term deposits from various financial institutions without the need for any ongoing paperwork and the money moves overnight so you don’t lose any interest waiting for the funds to arrive.

    You’ll receive an alert 5 days before a term deposit matures so you can decide what you want to do next.

    Term Deposits

  • Easy rebalancing

    You can create your own investment model of how you want your funds to be invested (or align your strategy with a model portfolio) and re-balance it with ease.

    This rebalancing tool will help you easily adjust your assets to the model you’ve set.

    Easy Rebalancing

  • Easy Access

    The Client Service Team is always here to help. Just email, video Skype or pick up the phone and we’ll be there to help 8.30am-6.00pm Monday to Friday (Eastern Standard Time).

    Easy Access